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Looking for someone to help level up your business with organic content marketing? Maybe you’re looking for a feature writer for your online or printed publication. Look no further!

I’ve got you.

My Services

Services I Offer

I don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach with my clients. Contact me to set up a project plan specific to you and your business!

Content Strategy

Producing a blog post here and there won’t cut it anymore. These days, your entire online presence matters.

Pulling it all together to work for you—and your customer—will help you meet and engage your audiences where they are with content that piques interest, educates, and grows your brand.

Content Marketing

Once you’ve developed your content strategy, execution is key.

I’ll help you consistently deliver compelling content that will engage your target audiences while fostering loyalty, trust, and converting curiosity into customers.

In addition, creating content is the best way to organically improve search engine optimization (SEO) within your website. Let’s work together to improve those search results!

Corporate Communications

Do you have the marketing piece handled, but need a little help reaching media or motivating your teams internally?

Maybe you’re rolling out a new tool and need to develop a change management plan.

As a former Communication Manager at a Fortune 50 company, you can count on me to help and trust me to keep your information close to the vest.

Social Media Strategy

Social media can do many things for your business, but it’s become an art—a time consuming one at that!

Developing a social media strategy, producing the content, and driving engagement requires planning, creativity, time, and thought.

As a two-time Edward R. Murrow Award-winning digital content producer, I can help you engage your audiences, foster loyalty, and grow community within your customer base.

Editing & Writing

I love to write, and my attention to detail when it comes to grammar and punctuation is hard to beat.

Truth be told, former colleagues still reach out to me with grammar questions. In fact, my passion for the written word and eye for AP Style is how I landed my first promotion, ending up on the digital side of the broadcast journalism/TV news business.

Public and Media Relations

I spent more than 15 years sifting through press releases in my inbox as a journalist.

It’s my extensive experience as a reporter, producer and digital content director in the broadcast journalism industry that sets me apart from those who write press releases, but have never received one.

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